Wednesday, July 22, 2009

blah day

I fear that anything I say today will just be negative. My allergies have been killing me for over a week (last week when I thought I was getting a cold it was probably just these allergies. I don't even want to go into how disgusting I feel. I'm taking 24-hour allergy pills, blowing my nose like crazy, doing the Neti-Pot at night. It doesn't end. I can't breathe well and have little energy for working out. I'm trying so hard not to overeat (although the cravings are driving me nuts).

If I eat junk I'll have even less energy, so I don't want to go there. I am seeing a new doctor in two weeks; maybe she'll have some answers (oh, yeah, they switched insurance on us again at work and this time my doctor's not on the list. It's so hard, usually, to find a good new doctor. My co-worker recommended hers, and she WAS taking new patients, so I made an appointment. Crossing my fingers.

I still haven't figured out the LAST insurance plan they changed on us, last year, and how we're supposed to use the eye and dental coverage. I know exactly what they're doing. They're making it confusing so people like me won't go get their teeth taken care of. Okay, maybe it's not THAT confusing, but I definitely was having trouble finding my dentist on the coverage list and I didn't know what I'd be paying. I have to get some idea of that before I schedule an appointment.

Today I got to work from home, which was nice because at least part of the time my black and white cat was on my lap. They are a distraction, though. And food is a distraction. It's like the kitchen is calling me even though we have no junk in the house.

Anyway. I have an appointment with my shrink tonight. Maybe she can give me some advice on elevating my mood. Oh, and I'll probably walk after I see her, which always feels good.

I can't even talk about the scene right now. My head is so far away from there...


Casey Morgan said...

Maybe it's time to start allergy shots? I know the zeal of the converted is tedious, but thanks to my allergy dr, I went from feeling as you do while taking twice the prescribed meds and sheltering in AC, to spending the spring outdoors, sneezing once or twice - the whole season. Of course, everyone's different, but FWIW.

ginger said...

Is it possible you have a sinus infection? At the FMS party I started into what I believed was bad worse and worse....ended up being sinus infection. Ick. Antibiotics and Mucines-D cleared it right up! (well, not right up.....took a couple weeks before all the gross gunk was totally gone, but it got better and better!)

Hope you feel better.


Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

I'm going to ask all these questions when I go to the doctor! I'm not opposed to allergy shots, but oddly, when I was tested a few years ago, they found I wasn't allergic to the things I thought I was (my cats, pollen, etc.) They claimed the only thing I was allergic to was dust mites. I have had my doubts about that diagnosis ever since... I am PROBABLY allergic to pollen to some degree, and I have had pretty severe reactions after being at some friends' houses where there were dogs (combining dogs and cigarette smoke in one case; that was a toss-up). Oh, well. Enough about my stuffy head.

Anonymous said...

My allergy symptoms are worse too - and when the barometric pressure changes as it has been doing, I have more problems. I had the shots (my results showed I'd become highly allergic to all the tree/grass/weed pollens, cats, dogs, molds, etc - but white sycamore trees, dust mites, and cockroaches are ok LOL!) - so few sinus infections or hive outbreaks anymore, but I still have sneezes and stuffy nose issues. But I'm wondering about the sinus infection issue right now. Bleah for sure! I'm sorry you are suffering too. -Dolly

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Dolly, they seem to be improving slightly. I've been using the Netipot saline rinse all this week. It's a pain in the butt but it definitely helps. Taking Benadryl at night was making me feel really groggy the next day even if I took the pill early. So I stopped doing that and won't use it unless I really really need it.