Sunday, July 5, 2009


Bondage by A. (Atoons2000); photo by Sir Mike

I'm bound in white rope over a red shirt and black skirt, ankles and knees tied together, wrists tied together behind my back, and a couple strips of white duck tape pressed over my mouth.

I'm nearly immobile, my face pressed sideways to the carpet, in the center of a small living room with people circulating around me. Some choose to raise my skirt and spank me, or to use a belt on me. Others simply step over me and ignore me.

I breath softly and rhythmically through my nose. I've been in this peaceful, relaxed state almost as soon as my captor bound my wrists together. Yes, I suppose with extreme effort I could wriggle free, but beyond that I'm really stuck here.

I suppose a half hour or so has elapsed. Rad kneels down close to my ear and asks if I am doing all right. I'm able to murmur through the tape that I am.

I'm really loving this, and it doesn't MATTER whether people pay attention or not. Either way is fine. It's so "freeing" to be so constricted, so helpless.

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Anonymous said...

Yum. Pretty rope in the pic. Sounds like it was delicious.

Completely OT - I hope Rad's mom is ok.

Miss you both! -Dolly

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Hey, Dolly! Thanks. Miss you too. We will see you in about two weeks!

ZED and ginger said...

Nice. :) I love bondage! We don't do enough of it!! Complete immobility makes me panic a bit, I found to my dismay. Zed wrapped me fully in rope one time (blog post somewhere) and I was all excited about the prospect of not being able to move. Then once I truly couldn't move, I became incredibly anxious.

I worked the ropes loose enough for some "breathing room". :) and all was fine.