Wednesday, November 25, 2009

“I was born to do this”

I have been trying to find time to write a blog since getting back from California on Monday morning. Taking the red-eye Sunday night and then going right to work left me exhausted. I've had about five or six starts and stops on the writing, most of which ended with my nodding out.

The weekend in Southern California was beyond my expectations, and the highlight was finally getting to play with Real_Discipline (RD) after about a year of bantering back and forth. I didn't think we'd get to meet this soon, so I was happy to get the opportunity.

My curiosity had been piqued after Erica Scott played with him and shared her experiences on her blog. (I'll link to this later).

Since I've been toying with the idea of a “Corporal Consultant World Tour 2010,” I decided to do the first leg early, November 2009, in Los Angeles. My three-day weekend was filled with promoting my consulting business, seeing friends old and new, visiting a BDSM club, going to a spanking party on Sunday afternoon -- AND getting spanked by RD on Sunday morning.

During the day on Saturday, and Sunday morning before he got to the hotel, RD was sending me light-hearted but ominous text messages. "Too late for excuses now. Tomorrow you're going to experience Real Discipline" ... "You will be taken to places you've only fantasized about."

When I confessed to a little nervousness, he responded, "Just relax--I'll take the lead and we'll dance with true adult discipline ... this will be something special you and I will never forget."

Wow. And in one of his texts on Sunday morning, he said, “I was born to do this.“ I liked that. I've always found a little bit of cockiness appealing in a man, even more so in a top.

I'm nervous every time I play with a new partner, especially a hard player, as RD was reported to be. But real fear doesn't tend to kick in until we've actually started to play and I suddenly understand just what I've signed up for. And on Sunday morning, RD definitely took charge.

He was very calm, but firm. I had confessed to a real offense and had accepted that I was going to be spanked for that. RD said my "crime" was a major annoyance of his and he felt quite justified with punishing me.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Good start on an amazing morning! Yes, I was truly born to do this. Can't wait to read the rest! ;)


Anonymous said...

Well now -- I've been eagerly awaiting the reports on this! :-)

It was great fun seeing you and hanging out with you and D on Saturday night. -- Erica

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks again, RD. I hope I did the scene justice (described mostly in part 2, now live).

Erica, also nice to hang out with you ... and i appreciate you letting me "borrow" RD...