Sunday, May 9, 2010

"It's SUPPOSED to Hurt!"

That's the name of the book I'll be debuting at Florida Moonshine, if all goes well. It's a compilation of the best of my topping blog, "The Corporal Consultant" (, along with a little bit about my switch side.

Here's a grainy sample of what the cover will look like: the actual book was sent to the printer via PDF today and will be available electronically soon.

I'll be signing and selling the real book at the Vendor's Fair on Friday night, June 4, at FMS, so please stop by and say hi. The whole point of signing up to vend was to introduce "Cassandra Park, the Corporal Consultant" to a wider community. I was just going to have a banner, offer OTK spankings, and make some homemade chocolate or fudge to sell.

Then my friend Tasha Lee of BumRap Productions (new blog Tasha Lee's Kinky Corner) went and published "Hot-Crossed Buns." She said she had done it herself, and so I had the "brilliant" idea to do the same. "I've already got all the material," I said. "It's on my blog, and I've got all these stories!"

Ha! Having all the written material was only the first step. I have been sweating bullets trying to finish this thing. I had to lay it out, figure out what should go where, make it look nice, proof it, organize photo shoots with some more male subs (it's harder than you think to get new pictures, and most players in the scene still don't want their faces showing). Then after the changes, I had make it look nice again. I'm amazed after all that that I actually did it.

I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed early after ignoring sleep for the past two weeks. I've barely had time to keep up on anything and I'm going to get back into a regular writing mode tomorrow.

Rad and I DID manage to get to the Manhattan Spanking Association party last night, which was much needed, where I got a couple of spankings including one much-needed one by my husband Rad. I also got to top an adorable male bottom, who was inquiring about ongoing "guidance" with meeting goals. Hm. I am one to guide others about meeting goals, ME who cannot seem to make it out the door on time?

We'll see!

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