Monday, July 28, 2008

What's REALLY going on here?

Spotted this little item in a Daily News article the other day, "New York's weirdest spa treatments":

PLATZA OAK LEAF TREATMENT, Russian Turkish Baths, 268 E. 10th St.; $35. (212) 473-8806.

What to expect: The hottest treatment on this list. Clients sweat it out in a traditional Russian communal sauna - kept at far higher temperatures than usual. Next, they are swatted with a bundle of birch branches dipped in olive oil. "It's not pampering," said Melisse Gelula, editor-in-chief of Spafinder Lifestyle. Brace for it: The whole thing is finished off with a plunge in ice-cold water.

What it does: "The belief is that it stimulates circulation, which is good for the immune system, like when you pat your cheeks and get a rosy glow," Gelula added.

Okay, does this mean what I THINK it means? I did a quick search and found THIS blog. Tell me what you think. I'm really curious now about this treatment.


Indiana said...

I think you must try it out and report back to us!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Yes, this is VERY intriguing. If I can survive a Brazilian, I'm sure I can survive this.

Funny Brat Girl's Spanking Adventures said...

Sandy you HAVE to try it and report back to us!! Now you got me curious to know!!...LOL!!

~maria fbg~

Anonymous said...

OMG...that sounds well...amazing!! and not that expensive either!! You have to go find out and report back to us!...amazing I always knew this had health benefits.